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Ant Removal


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Habits & Breading.

A wide range of locations, ant colonies can sometimes be in close proximity to human dwellings, entering buildings to forage for food. Sometimes nests can be found well inside factories with the ants exploiting proofing defects such as cracks in the building fabric. The Queen Ant lays a variable number of eggs, three to four weeks later legless grubs hatch, three weeks later larvae mature, two weeks after pupation adult ants emerge. Late summer winged and mature males leave nest ant mate and the males die whilst the females find new nest sites. Many thousands of ants live in a nest in a social hierarchy tending to various functions.


Control is often difficult if the seat of a colony is not reached when applying a residual insecticide. It’s advisable to watch foraging ants going back and forth and to treat the nest sites rather than applying a blanket spray treatment to theft runs, the latter method seldom works and results in copious call-backs to site. Deep seated colonies in a wall or cavity or even a concrete floor will probably require a follow up treatment.

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