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Mice Removal


We have an emergency service so call now if you need assistance with a mice removal. J&H Pest Control are able to deal with infestations using several different methods. We are also able to provide a humane option when dealing with removal. Each case is treated sensitively and individually. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.
Some handy facts about mice and mice removal.

There are two types of animal commonly found in mouse infestations. The larger long-tailed field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus, approximately 2 inches long and light brown in colour) and the slightly smaller brown/grey house mouse (mus domesticus).

Mice are easily distinguished from rats by their size. Rats are a great deal larger and drag their tails behind them as they move whereas mice lift their tails.

They may be small but mice like to roam for food over large areas compared to their body size and they can get around pretty quickly. They can run up vertical brick walls and fit through the narrowest of cavities. They carry diseases such as salmonella and leptospirosis and possess some particularly unsavoury habits. They cause a great deal of stress when people realise they are sharing their homes and businesses with these unhealthy rodents.

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