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Moth Removal

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Moths do not cause any health risks but are a pest in homes and businesses because of the severe damage their larvae cause to clothes, fabrics, furs, leather and carpets.

This damage may continue for many weeks after moth larvae have hatched. Serious harm may have been done before numbers of flying moths are seen and so prevention of a moth problem is important.

Repellents and deterrents when a moth infestation is already present are pointless and it is imperative that there is a zero count of insects before these can work effectively.

Treatments for moths vary according to what they are feeding on and the infestation rate. Fumigation, smoke generators and spraying using various insecticides are some of the options we consider.

Moth eggs are non-porous and so we require the use of residual insecticides to be applied in and around egg sites. This provides a layer of active insecticide able to eradicate any emerging larvae.

This process is repeated to ensure we are able to attack the following generation, ensuring we eradicate larvae capable of turning into adults and then breeding. Treatments in the winter and cooler months are staged slightly further apart as incubation periods are slowed down.