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Woodworm Removal


Woodworm is the collective name for the family of wood boring insects. Insects in this family include the Deathwatch Beetle or the Common Furniture Beetle. At larval stage of the insects’ life they bore and eat the wood in which they reside. This is where the term ‘Woodworm’ comes from.

Woodworm can be very damaging to the structure of a building and even the wood within home furniture – hence the need for Pestforce’s woodworm treatment and woodworm pest control services. It can seriously weaken timber beams and structures leading to the eventual failure of the building if left to its own devices.

How will I know woodworm are in my home?

Visible holes or tunnels in timber
bore dust deposited by adult beetles from the timber.
weakened or damaged flooring (in severe cases objects such as chair legs can go through a floor)